1983年 ポーランド出身


January 2016: Usui Shiki Ryoho- Reiki Master/ Teacher Level- Japan

December 2016: Two Point Method First and Second Level-Poland

July 2017: Two Point and Quantum Techniques Third and Fourth Level-Poland

August 2017: Hooponopono Advanced Practitioner-Poland


March 2015: 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training at The Power of Now Oasis-Bali 

April 2016: Antigravity Yoga-Okinawa 

May 2016: SUP Yoga- Okinawa

August 2016: Antigravity Suspension Fitness- Okinawa

August 2017: Yin Yoga - Poland 

December 2017: Mama&Baby Yoga , Prenatal Yoga - Poland

October 2019 - February 2020: Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra - Okinawa






2019年、沖縄県北谷町にヨガスタジオ「The Yoga Tree Okinawa」を設立し、私の愛と共にヨガやヒーリングを通して、たくさんの方たちと素晴らしい時間をシェアさせていただいています。


Roksana Ubowska Kameda

I was born I Poland in 1983 year. In my teenager years I suffered from low self-esteem and anxiety.  I had poor digestive health and an overstimulated nervous system.  I was in a dark place mentally and my body was suffering consequences from my unhealthy life choices. 

In my twenties I entered University and traveled to places such as the United States of America, Great Britain, and Greece where I lived and worked. My perspective on life and my role in society started to shift and lightened. At age of 26 I graduated university with two Master’s degrees, one in Sociology another in Cultural studies. 

In 2009 I traveled to Japan, for the first time and discovered that I felt more at home here than in my mother country. I found my life partner and started to build a new life. My mental and physical health began improving even more.  

In 2015, after 200hrs of yoga training in Bali, my dream to become a yoga teacher came true. That year I moved from Yokohama to Okinawa and my life turn upside down once more. I was starting all over again. I began teaching yoga as much as possible.  I wanted to gain more experience and a deeper understanding of my students’ bodies. Also I noticed positive changes in my physical and mental well-being. 

In 2016 I started to study about the Healing Energy of Reiki. At this point my personal well-being and serving others became my passion. I explored various energy healing techniques such as Quantum, “Hooponopono”, and Sound Healing. 

In 2019 I opened “The Yoga Tree Okinawa’ yoga studio where I share my love for yoga and healings with others.

 My story is a proof that we can always change. It doesn’t matter how bad our situation might look. Healing is a process that takes time and yet it is so rewarding. I believe we have the capacity to live in healthier bodies and control our minds. Each step brings us closer to our souls.

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