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  • Director of Yomitan Holistics

  • Osteopath

  • Integrated natural therapist

  • BClinSc (Maj Ost; Human Structure & Function), MOstMed.

  • Registered by Osteopathy Boards of Australia

  • Diploma of Integracy (Integrated Natural Medicine)


In 2008, I questioned whether there was a way in which the human body could heal itself without the use of medicine or surgery, but rather through the body’s self-healing ability. Since then, I have gained interest in learning about alternative medicine - a field that was not yet often recognized in Japan.

After I graduated from a college in Tokyo where I studied integrated medicine for a year and a half, I became curious and strived to learn more about the knowledge and skills beyond what I had gained. Moreover, I felt the need to dive deeper into the understanding of the human body in order to do so.

When it comes to technique, no matter how much you study it, if a mistake is made such as using the technique on an area you’re not supposed to, there would be no benefits. In fact, inadequate medical knowledge is ineffective and risks causing harm to the body and exacerbating the condition.

Therefore, I decided to move to Australia where knowledge of alternative medicine flourishes, and to study it all over again. However, although I attended a private university in Sydney for a year, I still felt as though the knowledge I gained there was insufficient.

Soon after that, I was informed of an opportunity to transfer to another university and study osteopathy. I had been impressed with the philosophy behind osteopathy for a while, so I immediately agreed to the option. After completing the graduate and postgraduate courses, I became the first Japanese osteopath ever to receive national certification from the Australian government.

When I returned to Japan, I opened “Yomitan Holistics” in Okinawa which grew into a clinic trusted by many patients and had come to be a crucial part of the community.


Through Yomitan Holistics, I believe I can improve not only patients' physical condition but also their minds and spirits with holistic approaches.​

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